Infrastructure as Code

UpGuard tracks and safeguards your programmable infrastructures to maintain quality and security.

Infrastructure as code—or progammable infrastructureis not just about writing code to manage configurations and automate deployments easier. It’s a way to build more resilient and adaptable systems for delivering secure, higher quality software and IT services. Along with its benefits, however—infrastructure as code requires organizations to institute the proper controls for safely moving at the speed of change.

Infrastructure as Code and UpGuard

UpGuard aligns with your infrastructure as code initiatives by effectively allowing you to capture, compare, and run executable documentation describing your infrastructure configurations. Policy-driven testing and monitoring ensures that your environments are consistent and free from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations—and with integrations to popular tools like Puppet, Chef, and Docker for common automation tasks.


UpGuard scans and stores your environments' configurations automatically for troubleshooting, remediating, and optimizing programmable infrastructures.

And to simplify automation and remediation efforts, our platform natively outputs to popular tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.

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