IT Operations

UpGuard gives IT operations crucial visibility for managing today's complex infrastructures and environments. 

Beating Configuration Drift

Drift happens to the best of us. Even those running fully realized Puppet, Chef, or other automation tool deployments.

Perhaps someone made a change over here, or some package updated itself over there, and there's no documentation by anyone of these things being done.

UpGuard removes the "fog of war" over your configurations and gives you a single pane view of every change that's been made—either from the last time you looked, or from a standard baseline you've created.

With UpGuard, the era of guesswork in IT management is over.

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Configuration Monitoring

High-velocity organizations moving at the speed of change require robust mechanisms for automatically monitoring the state of their infrastructures.

By maintaining a constant watch for unauthorized configuration changes, UpGuard enables IT and operations to focus on innovating and improving operational efficiency—instead of spending wasted cycles tracking configurations.

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Configuration Discovery and Dependency

Identifying and locating critical configuration items is instrumental for gaining environmental awareness and insight—knowing how these components work together is no less crucial.

UpGuard features agentless configuration discovery, intuitive visualizations for quickly spotting infrastructure changes and patterns, and a powerful search engine for easily identifying package dependencies and related components.

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IT Operational Analytics

ITOA's focus as a concept is to discover trends and patterns recurring in your IT infrastructure, utilizing big data and analytics to provide more information than you may typically have.

Log analysis and performance monitoring give you a couple pieces to the puzzle, but introducing UpGuard as an ongoing system of record for IT state gives you contextual information —not just the fact that things have happened, but why they happened and how to address it.

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SaaS/PaaS Configuration Monitoring

Today’s software environments and full stack frameworks require careful monitoring and management of interstitial technologies such as databases and application servers.

UpGuard can provide comprehensive monitoring of SaaS/PaaS environments to ensure that configurations are consistent and as expected during all phases of development and delivery.

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Patch Management

Unpatched systems are a leading cause of IT operational inefficiencies and poor software quality— ailments that over time compromise business continuity and security.

By providing tools for collaborative change management and testing patches post-deployment, UpGuard enables organizations to achieve better oversight and control over IT assets to aid in patch management initiatives.

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DevOps Lessons for CIOs

DevOps Lessons for CIOs

DevOps bridges the gap between developers, operations and QA in IT teams. As an executive, you always need to adapt to new methodologies that make your teams more efficient. But where do you start with DevOps in the Enterprise? Learn key DevOps lessons using our free eBook.

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