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UpGuard helps you discover critical security gaps and vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Compliance as Code

Regulatory compliance is not only becoming more prevalent across industries, it's becoming trickier as new technologies and ways to interact with customers and data are continually introduced. 

Rather than simply auditing the end result of your work—whether it is a development project or your IT infrastructure—it's time to bring DevOps principles into the compliance arena and begin testing from the beginning.

To this end, UpGuard can validate your environments and applications every step of the way, keeping you on top of compliance and not scrambling just before a deadline.

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Compliance with UpGuard

Continuous Security Monitoring

With a sufficiently complex and diverse IT ecosystem, organizations can find themselves asking multiple department heads for several different types of reports to prove their company's IT security readiness.

UpGuard provides a "single pane" view which can display all known vulnerable packages and unintended or undocumented changes throughout your environment—and it does it all within seconds, rather than days or weeks.

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Vulnerability Detection and Analysis

Once UpGuard discovers and documents your infrastructure, that information can be screened automatically against the OVAL Repository to detect whether any packages or software you have running are known to be vulnerable to threats.

OVAL is a community-driven effort sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is considered an industry standard when it comes to information pertaining to new software vulnerabilities.

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File Integrity Monitoring

There's no question that some of your files are more sensitive than others, especially for those in regulated industries. UpGuard's FIM capability can be configured to alert you to a variety of malicious behaviors that could threaten your informational integrity.

Combining FIM with UpGuard's environment-wide, policy-based validation system strengthens your security model as a whole, and gives you a fully integrated, one-stop integrity monitoring solution.

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Continuous Security Monitoring for DevOps

Continuous Security Monitoring for DevOps

Fending off cyber attacks and maintaining security may be business as usual for enterprise IT, but vigilant organizations in recent years have been boosting their security measures in response to both increasing cyber crime and heightened control requirements from regulatory bodies.

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