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See a brief summation of how UpGuard provides deep visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure, enabling you to understand your risk potential, prevent breaches, and accelerate software delivery.


Configuration Search Engine

Our powerful configuration search engine can locate any file, package, or configuration item anywhere it exists in your infrastructure.


Detailed Change Reporting

This flexible reporting feature allows you to identify changes that have taken place in your environment across configurable spans of time.


Vulnerabilities Tutorial

UpGuard lets you identify critical vulnerabilities and security flaws in your environment with just a few mouse clicks. Security and compliance are within reach with UpGuard.


UpGuard Data Visualization

Use UpGuard's data visualizations to discover what's changing in your environments.


Installing a Windows Agent

When it comes to monitoring servers, UpGuard supports all modern flavors of Unix, Linux and BSD, as well as Windows. In this demonstration, we will add a Windows node using an agent.


UpGuard and Puppet

Learn how UpGuard and Puppet integrate to accelerate your on-ramp to IT automation and simplify configuration management.


Installing a *Nix Agent

When monitoring servers, UpGuard can work either with an agent installed on the node itself, or in agentless mode. In this video, we will add an Ubuntu server using an agent.


UpGuard Streamlines Automation

With native output to popular automation tools like Puppet, Chef, or Ansible, UpGuard simplifies your continuous integration/delivery and IT operations tasks.


Desktop Management

See how UpGuard makes it easy to ensure consistency and security across thousands of desktops in the enterprise Windows environment.


UpGuard and ServiceNow

Learn how UpGuard integrates with ServiceNow and let us help you fight configuration drift.