IT Operational Analytics

UpGuard provides the data-driven insights necessary for handling today's infrastructure complexity and pace of change. 

Powering Informed Business Decisions

Today’s enterprise infrastructures have grown in complexity by orders of magnitude. With virtualization, cloud environments, and now containerization and software-defined networking, organizations can easily achieve unprecedented agility and scalability—at the cost of increased IT complexity. The proper tools for environmental scanning, comparison, and analysis are therefore critical for gleaning insights that in turn drive operational decision-making.

Fostering Insight with UpGuard

UpGuard counterbalances the IT complexity that comes alongside the benefits of DevOps and agility. Our platform can perform basic system configuration differences to sophisticated variance analyses across disparate environments, transforming systems and infrastructure data into actionable information for comprehensive operational awareness—in any environment, no matter how big or complex.

Powerful Differencing and Variance Analysis


The UpGuard platform takes your environment's configuration data—no matter how big or complex—and makes sense out of it with powerful analysis tools and intuitive visualizations.

UpGuard Customers