Patch Management

UpGuard identifies missing patches and updates in your environment before hackers do.

Critical Updates Should Never Go Unnoticed

An alarming percentage of intrusions and data breaches are carried out through exploiting unpatched IT systems and software. It’s no surprise that patch management is an integral requirement detailed in regulatory measures ranging from PCI DSS to NERC CIP. The appropriate mechanisms for patch management are therefore critical to both maintaining your organization’s security posture and staying in compliance.

UpGuard for Patch Management

Our platform’s OVAL-powered vulnerability assessment and monitoring capabilities provides automated, policy-driven testing and validation to ensure that critical systems have been updated and patched. Furthermore, ScriptRock can verify that environments and systems therein are consistent, free of software and system deficiencies, and always up-to-date.

Software Maintenance Simplified


Streamline your organization's patch management initiatives with UpGuard. Our platform automatically detects software that needs patching or updating and can integrate with other tools for quick remediation.

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