UpGuard Radio Episode 016: Natalie Diggins from OpenView Venture Partners

Where does DevOps live in 2016? In previous years, it found a comfortable home in agile startups, but as the movement grows up and leaves the nest, it’s taken root in the enterprise and beyond. In this episode of UpGuard Radio, we spoke ...

UpGuard Radio Episode 015: Troy Hunt and Haveibeenpwned.com

The majority of security compromises go undetected; sadly, most businesses and consumers will never discover their data has been compromised until it ends up on the black market. In this episode of UpGuard Radio, we had a conversation with ...

UpGuard Radio Episode 014: Simon Crosby from Bromium

You've heard of virtualization, containers, and hypervisors—but how about micro-virtualization? In this episode of UpGuard Radio, we learn more about this innovative approach to IT security and why Microsoft has incorporated the technology ...

UpGuard Radio Episode 013: Holiday Special / 2015 Highlights

In this special holiday edition of UpGuard Radio, we revisit some conversations with guests from our 2015 lineup. Stay tuned for a spectacular roster and more insights around DevOps and IT security in 2016!

UpGuard Radio Episode 012: Mike Kavis from Cloud Technology Partners

Cloud Computing has come a long way since the early days of Amazon AWS. We spoke with an early AWS cloud innovator and author about the current state of the cloud, as well as some concerns and best practices around safe cloud enablement.

UpGuard Radio Episode 011: Alex Polvi from CoreOS

Docker complement and competitor CoreOS is heating up the battle with offerings to better secure and streamline the containerization ecosystem—suffice to say, armed with allegiances from companies like Red Hat, Google, and EMC, it's a ...

UpGuard Radio Episode 010: James Turnbull from Kickstarter

U96,000 project entrepeneurs and innovators have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday—over $2 billion in total dollars pledged, all garnered from Kickstarter. In this episode of UpGuard Radio, we spoke with its CTO about ...

UpGuard Radio Episode 009: Troy Hunt And Have I Been Pwned?

There's a lot to frightened about this Halloween season. 2015 has seen a record number of data breaches and high profile security compromises, and unfortunately—the worst is yet to come.  

UpGuard Radio Episode 008: Michael DeHaan and Ansible

Puppet, Chef, Ansible—this is the automation tooling triptych for DevOps. Today, the latter has joined Red Hat in a $100 million acquisition. Check out our in-depth discussion with its creator in this episode of UpGuard Radio.

UpGuard Radio Episode 007: Luke Kanies

Puppet Labs has been on the IT automation forefront for a decade, enabling organizations to achieve unprecedented IT agility and efficiency. Check out our in-depth discussion with its creator in this episode of UpGuard Radio.
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