UpGuard Radio Episode 003: Insecurity In The Modern World Part II With Ira Winkler

Last updated by UpGuard on August 23, 2019

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Advanced threats call for advanced security measures. This is certainly true—however, many of today's high profile attacks can be traced to failings in standard best practices. Regardless of what solutions are in place to battle cyber threats, an effective security strategy requires a layered approach that accounts for both technological and human vulnerabilities.

Episode 003: Insecurity Part II

Currently the President of Secure Mentem, Ira Winkler has a storied background in information security. From starting at the NSA to becoming President of the Internet Security Advisors Group and Chief Security Strategist at HP Consulting, Ira has made a career out of assisting organizations in developing better security practices and implementing cost effective programs.


Ira is also a bestselling author and regular contributor to ComputerWorld, as well as a frequent RSA speaker. Last year he came into the crosshairs of the prominent Syrian Electronic Army hacker group after demonstrating their intrusion methods at the RSA Conference. Suffice to say, we're lucky to have him as a friend and guest on the podcast.


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