UpGuard Radio Episode 016: Natalie Diggins from OpenView Venture Partners

Last updated by UpGuard on April 14, 2016

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Where does DevOps live in 2016? In previous years, it found a comfortable home in agile startups, but as the movement grows up and leaves the nest, it’s taken root in the enterprise and beyond. In this episode of UpGuard Radio, we spoke with a prominent DevOps evangelist to gather some insights around where the movement is headed this year and beyond.

Episode 016: Natalie Diggins from OpenView Venture Partners


We had a conversation about DevOps culture, adoption, and best practices with Natalie Diggins, entrepreneur-in-residence at OpenView Venture Partners. Natalie is working with OpenView's portfolio companies to effectively scale their technology and operations through the expansion stage and beyond.

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