UpGuard Resellers

UpGuard provides a number of options for resellers wishing to partner with us to bring the platform to a greater audience. Here are some commonly asked questions.

1) What is the nature of UpGuard's reseller program?

We provide a single-tenant instance where you can register any number of your clients' nodes.

2) Do I need a particular type of reseller license?

No. From a technical standpoint, you are our customer and you are licensing to others through our single-tenant hosted option.

3) Are there any minimum requirements?

As with any single-tenant deployment, you must purchase a minimum amount of nodes under a minimum 12-month agreement.

4) How does pricing work?

Pricing is the same as with any other single-tenant deployment. Contact sales for more information.

5) How long to set up my reseller instance?

It may take up to three business days.

6) How does payment work?

We process credit card payments through Stripe.

7) I'm a consultant and want to have several customers on my UpGuard instance. How does that work?

UpGuard has a user group structure that supports multiple organizations on the same instance. You will be able to see your clients, but they will not be able to see each other or each others' nodes.

8) Who uses the reseller program?

Lots of people! Get in touch and we can refer you to our existing resellers.

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