SaaS / PaaS Configuration Monitoring

UpGuard gives you visibility into each layer of the application stack.

A Full Stack of Concerns

From simple LAMP-based applications like WordPress to complex enterprise-grade SaaS offerings, the application stack is an increasingly common target for cyber attackers looking for an easily exploitable dependency or software misconfiguration. For this reason, SaaS/PaaS configuration monitoring is a crucial activity for maintaining software integrity and security. The foundational components of today’s software systems—databases, web servers, underlying servers— can leave your infrastructure exposed and subject to cyber attacks if not unpatched or updated on a continuous basis. Furthermore, these components are all subject to configuration drift, like all other IT assets.

Validation For All Application Layers

UpGuard can monitor web applications and SaaS/PaaS offerings at every layer to ensure that configurations are always secure, consistent, and up-to-date across environments. The platform’s OVAL-powered vulnerability assessment and monitoring capabilities provides automated, policy-driven testing and validation to ensure that software systems—and all underlying components—are free from misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Automatically Monitor Your Stack For Integrity


UpGuard’s powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you immediately if any component in your application stack falls out of line. Our policy-driven testing can scan any stack for inconsistencies and vulnerabilities— from .NET to LAMP and more.

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