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When it comes to sales, UpGuard is different from most companies. We've noticed that the value our software provides speaks for itself, so with that in mind, we've developed our sales team and processes centered around a handful of core ideas:

  • First 10 nodes are always free
  • On-site or hosted proof-of-concept trials with support and training
  • No pushy salespeople—just down-to-earth, solution-minded experts
  • A simple pricing model with no hidden fees
  • A wide library of documentation and video resources

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Our Customers Have a lot to Say About UpGuard

"We were able to solve the immediate problems in our build infrastructure with just the difference scans."
Ian Buchanan - VersionOne

“I have to know that the files that were deployed to the server are on the server, and that’s what UpGuard gives me.”
Jeffrey Friedman – Burgess Group

"UpGuard was extremely fast in bringing tangible results…we found problems that had people couldn’t believe, and that proved the usefulness of the tool and within the organization it brought a strong belief or certain trust that solution works."
Holger Weisbrodt– Aviation Industry

UpGuard Customers