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Configuration Drift

While colleagues often have the best intentions, occasionally a package gets upgraded without being recorded. Or a new piece of software is installed here but not there. Or a hotfix was applied on exactly 1 out of 800 machines. Or someone changed a few network configs last week and no one remembered to revert. Whatever the case, drift has been known to occur in even the best-kept environments. UpGuard detects change and flags it, ending configuration drift.



Baseline Discovery

When setting out on the path to cyber resilience, how do you know where to begin? How do you know what "good" looks like? UpGuard takes stock of your entire infrastructure and how it's configured to give you a complete picture of not only what exists, but what it's doing and why. Just like your initial weigh-in before a diet, creating a baseline is the only way to know if you're improving or just spinning your wheels.



Change Detection

Over 80% of data breaches and outage events have their root in misconfigurations on behalf of the company. UpGuard's continuous change monitoring allows organizations to act on misconfigurations before they become bigger problems. Unauthorized change events can be instantly piped into ServiceNow, JIRA, Slack, or any number of other platforms depending on your needs.



Full-Auto DevOps

The most attractive promise of DevOps is a marked increase in speed of software delivery, which is accomplished through the automation of a number of processes and technologies. UpGuard integrates closely with Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and other platforms to provide a reliable guardrail for automation that can generate corrective controls and validate the configurations of entire infrastructures pre- and post-deploy.



Understand Your Risk

Cyber risk is business risk. Whether your organization was founded 100 years ago or 100 minutes ago, reliance on technology in order to do business is now a universal constant. UpGuard is the only platform that takes the actual, live, running state of all of your devices into account when providing an easy-to-understand risk score we call CSTAR.



Third-Party Risk

Anytime you trust a third-party with sensitive data—whether it's customer data, employee data, or any other type of confidential internal data—when third-party vendors touch it, their risk becomes your risk. Your vendor being breached and leaking your customers' data is never seen as their breach—it's yours. Take ownership of the situation and monitor the risk of associated entities using UpGuard's CSTAR.