Configuration Discovery

Ask yourself this—do you really know what you've got? If tomorrow you had to begin planning a data center migration to the cloud, automate your infrastructure, or perform a deep audit, do you have the means and ability to carry it out quickly? In seconds UpGuard dives into each node and brings to light important configuration items and anomalies you could very easily miss the old-fashioned way. A massive data center in chaos one morning can be completely cataloged and understood that afternoon.

Gaining comprehensive insight and visibility into your infrastructure’s configurations and dependencies—knowing what you have and how they’re related—is arguably the most crucial building block for sound IT operations. Whether the intent is to accelerate DevOps enablement, improve security controls, or comply with regulatory measures, your IT initiatives’ successes are contingent upon a solid foundational knowledge of your infrastructure’s configurations. To this end, UpGuard provides comprehensive macro and micro-level visibility into your systems and environments.