CSTAR for Google Chrome Extension

Just as credit scores aggregate financial risk factors into one easy to understand number, UpGuard’s CSTAR score provides a single measure of risk for information security. CSTAR is a comprehensive assessment of internal and external systems, measuring compliance, security, threat, agility, and risk.

UpGuard's CSTAR for Google Chrome™ extension sweeps the internet for publicly exposed assets and tests them for resilience. For any site you visit, UpGuard automatically retrieves the external CSTAR score. Each of the risk factors is weighted by its severity within the context of its business factors, and a final score between 0 and 950 is calculated. For websites with a low CSTAR score, the extension will warn users about inputting their personal details into the site.

UpGuard CSTAR Chrome Extension allows users to drill down and understand how the score is calculated. Our Cyber risk scores are generated by the first AI-assisted Cyber Risk Analysis Engine analyzing millions of websites with the largest proprietary database of reported breaches. This brings the possibility of sensitive data being exposed to a screeching halt.

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