Vendor Risk Assessment

In today's digital business landscape, you are only as strong as your weakest link. UpGuard helps identify those weaknesses to gauge and mitigate your firm's overall cyber risk.

Vendor Ratings

UpGuard gives enterprises a means to ensure that vendors' security practices do not bring undue risk to the business and its customers.

Third party relationships are critical for thriving in today's business ecosystems. Our platform enables vigilant firms to measure both their own cyber risk postures as well as their vendors'. Using both internal and external data sources, UpGuard's risk grader and CSTAR—or Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report—make assessing and assuming vendor/partner risk a straightforward affair.

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Vendor Risk Assessment with UpGuard

CSTAR is a composite score representing the collective vulnerability of every server, network device, and cloud service. With CSTAR, firms can quantify the risk they effectively assume through vendors and partners, based on actual infrastructure configuration states and testing habits.

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