Vulnerability Analytics

The only way of knowing which vulnerabilities are in your environment is to test configurations against policy to ensure they comply. UpGuard offers advanced vulnerability analytics to keep people up to date with current, tested information, so they can make good decisions quickly.

Detect vulnerabilities with UpGuard

Track vulnerability remediation over time and receive alerts if an asset falls out of scope

You know how you'd like your environment to be, but getting it there is often less simple. By creating a policy with your ideal configurations in UpGuard, you can quickly find which of your systems don't meet your criteria and track their status as you remediate them. 

Down the road, after the inevitable configuration drift, if an asset falls out of compliance with policy, you'll receive an alert right away so you can resolve it before an attacker exploits it. Likewise, if your needs change, quickly edit the policy to match the new criteria and find which assets need to be updated.

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Vulnerability Analytics with UpGuard

UpGuard's vulnerability analytics and the rest of our product features live within a single pane visibility solution that will show you your environment in a whole new way. Find vulnerabilties, track remediation and produce easy to read reports all within one intuitive console.

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