November 2020

UpGuard Summit

Summit is our quarterly virtual event designed to explore the future of security, help businesses stay secure, and connect security leaders from leading companies.

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Protecting The Vote: 2020 Election Security

Technology is critical to the way we run modern elections. Many of us have questions about the way our elections are run, especially during the pandemic. From the pervasiveness of digital advertising, to the growing adoption of mail-in ballots and electronic voting machines, we’re placing increasing faith in technology to underpin the electoral process.

Join our three panellists, each individually respected for their insights into election security, as they help us understand the unique risks to the 2020 US election. Each of our panellists is committed to sifting through the spin, to uncover truths about the risks to our free and fair elections.

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November 2, 2:00 PM (PST)

Highlights from previous events

Product updates

UpGuard Product Spotlight - August 2020

Keynote address from Dan Bradbury, our Chief Product Officer. UpGuard's mission is to protect the world's data, and our products help companies by giving them an easy way to manage their own, and their third-party cyber risks.

Learn about this quarter's latest new features, and get a heads up on what's coming in our November release.

Analysis of Australia's top 200

Annual ASX 200 Security Report

As at August 2020, one in three ASX 200 companies have an open data leak. This trend has worsened since 2019. Join our VP of CyberResearch, Greg Pollock, as he walks through key findings from our annual ASX 200 Security Report.

Strategies and insights

Attack Surface Management and Third-Party Risk Management at Superloop

We sat down with Andrew Lawrence, CIO of Superloop, to talk all things security. Andrew shared valuable insights about how Superloop uses UpGuard to underpin their Vendor Risk Management program.

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Strategies for security leaders to build third-party risk and attack surface management programs.
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Practical methods to execute your program and stay proactive, directly from other UpGuard users.
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Approaches and insights in cybersecurity, to help you advance your career as a security professional.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is UpGuard Summit?

Summit is our quarterly virtual event designed to explore the future of security, help businesses stay secure, and connect security leaders from leading companies.

Is UpGuard Summit free?

Yes! UpGuard Summit is 100% free.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in the future of security! We'll cover strategies for security leaders to improve their security posture, current challenges, and modern approaches and insights into cybersecurity in 2020 and beyond.

I can’t make it to UpGuard Summit. Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! The sessions will be recorded. To make sure you get access to the recordings, sign up for the event to make sure you're notified when the recordings are available. You can even check out recordings from the last event here.

Can my company sponsor the summit?

If you would like to get involved and potentially speak at an upcoming summit, please send an email to

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