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ScriptRock has enabled you to clean up configuration drift, establish policies that continuously test your environments, and get off the ground with automation tools. Everything's set up to watch for drift, whether you've got five nodes or fifty thousand. 

Now you just need to sit back and watch. The Job History and Timeline help you understand what tests are running and what are the results.

Job History

The Job History gives you a feed of all scheduled jobs, whether they are scans or policies. You get a high level summary of whether the job's tasks succeeded or failed and you can dig in to understand the details.

Job histories include all the information you need to understand what exactly is being measured. You probably didn't create the job that is failing, and even if you did you probably don't have photographic memory of it. From one view you can get all the details on what failure means to better understand what needs to change.


Clicking into a test discloses the contents.



The timeline view has essentially the same information--what happened and when--but presented in a form that's more human readable. As much as we love our robot overlords we also value our carbon-based users. Different event types can be toggled to give you only the information that matters to you.


Because all of ScriptRock is built on a RESTful API, the events used to populate the Job History and Timeline views can also be sent to your preferred event management or orchestration tools to trigger alerts, pass an acceptance test, or kick off a configuration management tool.