UpGuard vs. Tripwire

You shouldn’t have to compromise your security posture to bolster it.

“Enterprises are overly dependent on blocking and prevention mechanisms that are decreasingly effective against advanced attacks. Comprehensive protection requires an adaptive protection process integrating predictive, preventive, detective and response capabilities.”

Source: Gartner, “Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture for Protection From Advanced Attacks,” February 2014

UpGuard requires very little to start, with benefits realized almost immediately.

Complexity is the bane of effective security. Though the concept is widely accepted in the security arena, many legacy vendors continue to market monolithic solutions that are difficult and time consuming to implement. Unwieldy security solutions like Tripwire Enterprise are as complex as they are expensive— especially after additional products and extensions, training, support, and professional services are accounted for. And with typical implementation timeframes of 8-12 months—with requested features taking as long as 18 months—organizations are perilously left to their own devices until deployment.

Tripwire Enterprise’s licensing schema is also convoluted path for customers to traverse, usually going far past original budgeted costs for deployment. For example, the price tag of its management console license alone is equivalent to the cost of entire solutions from competing vendors. And even after initial pricing has been established, unforeseen future licensing costs for additional features can make for unpleasant budgetary surprises.

In contrast, UpGuard requires very little to start, with benefits realized almost immediately. A proof of value deployment takes a few hours over one week to complete and on average 3 months to recuperate initial investments. Furthermore, everything required to run UpGuard comes standard, out-of-the-box—with options for a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance, using a straightforward pricing model that makes costing easier and more accurate. 

If managing and supporting a costly, complex, and closed IT security solution without the ability to modify your own policies strikes your fancy, then Tripwire might be for you. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight solution that provides comprehensive security testing and monitoring that plays well with other tools, then look no further.

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