UpGuard vs. Tripwire

Don’t let network noise from your security solution allow hackers to slip in undetected.

“Enterprises are overly dependent on blocking and prevention mechanisms that are decreasingly effective against advanced attacks. Comprehensive protection requires an adaptive protection process integrating predictive, preventive, detective and response capabilities.”

Source: Gartner, “Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture for Protection From Advanced Attacks,” February 2014

UpGuard requires very little to start, with benefits realized almost immediately.

In aspiring to be a monolithic, all-in-one security solution, Tripwire Enterprise has instead become highly complex and unwieldy. Along with being difficult to configure and manage, its myriad of agents and interacting components make it extremely network-resource intensive—resulting in a preponderance of false positives and network noise. This poor signal-to-noise ratio ultimately compromises an organization’s ability to protect itself against intrusions and other cyber threats.

Consider the impact a high volume of false positives has on security: with cyber attacks on the rise, IT and security operations cannot afford to waste cycles on manual reconciliation of false alarms and low quality alerts. This results in a tuning-down of the solution or tool as well as a desensitization to its alerts. Combined, these elements make for a weakened security posture—unintended consequences to say the least, especially from a high-priced offering like Tripwire Enterprise.

UpGuard’s platform for continuous security monitoring and testing represents a new generation of enterprise security solutions—one that easily dovetails into existing solutions and toolchains, and can even scan and monitor other security mechanisms for vulnerabilities: firewalls, security appliances, Tripwire installations, and more. And unlike Tripwire, UpGuard is inexpensive and easy to get up and running, providing lightweight yet comprehensive security coverage without all the false positives and network noise.

If managing and supporting a costly, complex, and closed IT security solution without the ability to modify your own policies strikes your fancy, then Tripwire might be for you. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight solution that provides comprehensive security testing and monitoring that plays well with other tools, then look no further.

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