The Goldilocks Problem: How Midsized Enterprises Invite Cyber Risk

Last updated by UpGuard on March 15, 2018

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When it comes to cyber risk, mid-sized enterprises present a target akin to Goldilocks’s favorite bear: lacking the ability of large corporations to throw resources and manpower at solutions, but possessing sensitive data at a scale not faced by smaller firms, these entities are imperiled every day by the prospect of a catastrophic data exposure. These mid-sized enterprises, such as independent hospitals, small insurers, and regional banks, are favorite targets of cyber attackers, typically possessing an inviting combination of systemic process errors and valuable information. With the costs of data breaches rising ever higher, and official regulation finally beginning to catch up, the stakes are higher than ever that mid-sized enterprises effect real cyber resilience. But how? 

Learn from UpGuard Cyber Risk Team analyst Dan O'Sullivan about not only the unique challenges facing mid-sized enterprises, but how these firms can begin to effectively address and mitigate cyber risk. Hear how data exposures actually occur, with misconfigurations and process errors almost always at the root of data leaks and successful cyber attacks. This webinar also discusses how new European Union data privacy regulations taking effect in May 2018 will impact even modest enterprises around the world, introducing stiff fines for failure to adhere to emerging data security standards.

Mid-Size Enterprise webinar... 

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