Vulnerability Detection & Analysis

Don't let unchecked vulnerabilities leave your infrastructure exposed.

Requisite Insights For Closing Security Gaps

Malicious cyber attacks are on the rise, with intruders primarily exploiting vulnerabilities in IT systems and software. This makes vulnerability detection and analysis an integral component of information security. But having such capabilities is not enough—today’s organizations need to build sustainable security models that couple comprehensive monitoring for vulnerabilities in systems with advanced scanning and analysis for identify security gaps across the environment.

Advanced Vulnerability Testing and Monitoring

UpGuard’s powerful vulnerability detection capabilities allow organizations to discover exploitable software defects immediately—in even the most heterogeneous infrastructures. Our platform—backed by up-to-date OVAL vulnerability definitions—can validate that configurations in your environment are secure at all times, including those of other security devices and applications.

Powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you at once if vulnerabilities are detected in your environment. The platform's OVAL-backed vulnerability definitions ensure that exploitable applications and systems are identified immediately for remediation.