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For enterprises running multiple business applications in multiple environments, securing applications and data is a critical challenge. As attacks increase, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain insurance for breaches and data loss.

With your organization's complexity growing, how can you understand your risk and help insurance companies determine the insurability of your business against data breaches?

Introducing CSTAR

UpGuard's CSTAR, or Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report, is a composite score representing the collective vulnerability of every server, network device, and cloud service to the risk of breaches. UpGuard's CSTAR is the only score that determines the insurability of your IT assets using information about your infrastructure's actual configuration state and testing habits. Your CSTAR score enables insurance companies to develop insurance policies customized for your enterprise at the optimal price.


Obtain an industry-accepted security risk score

CSTAR scoring is based on multiple risk parameters including organization size, infrastructure data, asset configurations, exposure, industry trends, and peer environments. The CSTAR score is an accepted benchmark by leading insurers and the most comprehensive IT risk measure available for insurers to better understand your security risk profile.

Compare your risk profile against your peers

Contextual information about your industry's collective risk is key in knowing where you stand. The complete report allows you to evaluate your relative risk compared to your peers, and shows exactly which problematic aspects need to be remediated to lower your risk.


Understand your insurance needs before purchasing

Insurance companies today provide cookie-cutter policies that are one-size-fits-all and may not be appropriate for your organization. The CSTAR score, in conjunction with the data UpGuard collects on your environment, allows you to evaluate and compare insurance costs against your peers and determine the appropriate insurance requirements for your enterprise.

Continuous risk assessment and reporting

UpGuard has a powerful vulnerability assessment engine which continuously scans for weaknesses wherever they appear in your infrastructure. Our MITRE-based technology continuously looks for emerging vulnerabilities across environments, and provides detailed reports for auditors and insurance companies in order to demonstrate your compliance.


Proactively reduce risk exposure of IT and your business

Freshly stolen corporate and consumer data appears on the dark web every day. Nefarious individuals have found infiltrating organizations for their data to be a lucrative practice. UpGuard continuously scans and tests all of your IT assets proactively, ensuring they are appropriately configured to deter malicious attempts against your data.

What's your score?

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