Whitepaper: Understanding NERC Compliance

A properly configured, secured and tested environment not only makes compliance easier and less costly, but can reduce costs and administrative overhead across the board.

The North American Energy Reliability Corporation, or NERC, came into existence to regulate certain key procedures and protocols to prevent energy outages and incidents from occurring by ensuring that all energy companies abide by a set of standards.

In recent years, cyber attacks on infrastructure abroad have increased raised awareness of the threat to the US. This is why NERC, especially the newer version 5 and the upcoming version 6, focus on cyber security as a critical piece.

This whitepaper is for both technical and non-technical people interested in NERC standards or responsible for NERC compliance within their organization.

Learn a brief history of NERC, the challenges it poses, and how to overcome those challenges with our NERC white paper.

Understanding NERC Compliance

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