understanding nerc compliance

By regulating the pieces involved in preventing devasting outages and breaches, NERC attempts to keep crucial infrastructure secure and operable.

In recent years, cyber attacks on infrastructure aboard have raised awareness of the threat to the US. Attacks include the continual cyber assaults dubbed "Operation Dust Storm" in Japan and the hack of a German steel mill which resulted in physical damage when a BP oil pipeline was blown up. This is why NERC, especially version five and now version six, focus on cybersecurity as a critical piece.

This whitepaper is for both technical and non-technical people interested in NERC standards or responsible for NERC compliance within their organization.

Download the whitepaper to discover:

• What the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is and how it came about
• The challenges Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance introduces for companies
• How to overcome those challenges with a robust NERC compliance solution