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When Your Security Provider Gets Hacked

The very software you’ve put in place to protect your data is exposing it instead. This nightmare scenario has turned into reality for some companies when major security software was compromised or had fatal flaws that exposed sensitive information to unknown third parties.

Case Study

How to Migrate a Data Center in 48 Hours

When one of Australia's big four banks acquired an insurance company they needed to consolidate the data centers. With the massive number of customers relying on both services during normal business hours, they needed to be able to pull off a flawless migration in 48 hours.


The DevOps Toolchain

Define the capabilities you need, then find the tools that fit the job. DevOps is about integration. People, processes, and tools - they all work better when they work together, and DevOps is the pursuit of maximizing interoperability.


The ITIL Guide to DevOps

Get your enterprise up to date with improved ITIL processes using DevOps. This eBook will step through the major ITIL processes, outline what typically goes wrong, and examine how application of DevOps principles and tools can help.