Manage Your External Attack Surface With Confidence

Uphold your organization’s reputation by understanding the risks impacting your external security posture, and know that your assets are always monitored and protected.
Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide
Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide
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Stay Updated

Be one step ahead with continuous monitoring

Be the first to know of risks impacting your external security posture. Identify vulnerabilities, detect changes, and uncover potential threats around the clock.
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    Constantly monitor and manage exposures to your organization, including domains, IPs, and employee credentials
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    Proactively identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation
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    Make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time insights
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Have Peace of Mind

Gain confidence in your cybersecurity

Stay assured that your external assets are constantly monitored and protected.
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    Be proactive in your cybersecurity efforts by continuously monitoring, tracking, and reporting on your external attack surface
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    Ensure your digital assets are continually monitored and protected with comprehensive data leak detection
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    Have total visibility into all your known and unknown external assets
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Reduce Cyber Risks

Protect your organization’s reputation

Proactively address and minimize risks to prevent reputational harm before your company ends up in the news headlines - for the wrong reasons.
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    Safeguard your brand reputation and manage risk efficiently with immediate insights
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    Address potential threats promptly and maintain credibility among stakeholders and customers
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    Keep your competitive edge by preventing data breaches

Explore our features today

Data leak detection

Protect your brand, intellectual property and customer data with timely detection of data leaks and avoid data breaches

Continuous monitoring

Get real-time information and manage exposures, including domains, IPs, and employee credentials

Attack surface reduction

Reduce your attack surface by discovering exploitable vulnerabilities and domains at risk of typosquatting

Shared security profile

Eliminate having to answer security questionnaires by creating an UpGuard Shared Profile

Workflows and waivers

Simplify and accelerate how you remediate issues, waive risks, and respond to security queries

Reporting and insights

Access tailor-made reports for different stakeholders, and view information about your external attack surface
Affordable and easy to use security monitoring tool
"Great all around tool to measure and manage the overall external security of your company. From the safety of your domains such as website and emails to specific IPs of your online servers and ID breaches, typosquatting, Data leaks and vendor management ... we love UpGuard."
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David MacDonald
Mid Market (51-1000 emp.)

Statistics that speak for themselves


Time Saved
“UpGuard has helped speed up our vulnerability management process by 40-50%.”
- CAMP Systems


Faster Fix Rate
Comparing the number of discovered versus remediated subdomain takeovers, UpGuard users resolved their issues twenty times more often than all other companies.


Faster Remediation Rate
Vendors monitored by UpGuard users remediated their vulnerable subdomains at twelve times the rate of other companies.

1 Day

Average Resolution Time
The average time to resolve subdomain vulnerabilities for both UpGuard users and their monitored vendors is one day. For all other companies, the average time to resolution is ten days.
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