Know your vendors. Secure yourself.

UpGuard combines asset discovery, security ratings and vendor questionnaires for the only complete cyber risk solution.

UpGuard Core, UpGuard CyberRisk, UpGuard BreachSight
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UpGuard CyberRisk

Start by using UpGuard's cloudscanner to assess billions of digital assets every day for the risk factors known to cause breaches.


Third Party Vendors

Your business relies on third parties. Their risk is your risk, but the quality of their security practices is unknown.

The UpGuard cloudscanner calculates security ratings and automates assessment questionnaires for all your vendors.



Security Reputation

Your internet-facing websites and APIs present your first line of defense and establish your digital reputation.

UpGuard provides specific remediation guidance for risk factors so your customers know they can trust you.

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UpGuard BreachSight

UpGuard BreachSight crawls the internet for exposed, sensitive data using the proven methodologies developed by the Cyber Risk Research team.


Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information from your employees and customers can be leaked, resulting in costly data breaches.

The UpGuard BreachSight engine finds exposed PII before it gets to the dark web, reducing personal risk and business cost.



Sensitive Business Data

Exposed data like passwords, keys, internal app addresses, and certificates lead directly to enterpise-scale breaches.

BreachSight examines common sources of code exposure so you can respond before they lead to a customer-facing incident.

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UpGuard Core

Complete your security and compliance program with UpGuard Core monitoring the infrastructure at the heart of your business.


Networks & Applications

The network layer separates your business from the internet at large, is critical to availability, and is prone to misconfigurations.

UpGuard automates the creation of custom tests from discovered configurations, testing what matters to you.



Servers & Clouds

Security and Compliance teams need to increase automation and support new technologies as software delivery accelerates.

UpGuard validates your infrastructure on premises or in the cloud, on VMs, containers, serverless services, and more.

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