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Businesses run on trust, but breaches and outages erode that trust.

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CIO Dive
“UpGuard produces scores that indicate how vulnerable a network is to attacks.”
Insurance Business
UpGuard’s digital resilience platform is a system for identifying the weak spots in a company’s tech system.
Financial Review
“...a huge step forward in understanding the complete security posture of a business.”

Trust Starts With You

For a customer to trust a company, they necessarily have to trust the people running it. In turn, the people running it need to trust their fellow employees, and all of those employees need to be able to trust their servers, network devices, applications and environments.

UpGuard enables that kind of trust for some of the world's largest and most prestigious companies.

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CFA Institure

Nothing in the market today provides the visibility that UpGuard does.

– CFA Institute, Finance


The McKinsey Institute estimates $3 trillion dollars in lost value by 2020 because of a digital backlash against unreliable and insecure companies.

Untrustworthy systems and applications mean companies will be less able to innovate, and customers will be less likely to want to do business. Cyber risk is a business problem, not just an IT problem.

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Why Companies Will Keep Getting Breached in 2017 and Beyond

Companies are spending more than ever on cybersecurity products, but data breaches are increasing across the board. Are the hackers that far ahead, or are businesses making a fundamental mistake in the way they manage risk?

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Technology brings great value, but it also entails new risks. Understanding and responding to those risks creates the necessary resilience to take advantage of that value.

You can't protect an infrastructure you can't understand. UpGuard detects and digests massive amounts of data about your infrastructure's state and curates it to your needs, enabling you to make effective business decisions. It's like noise-cancelling headphones for enterprise IT.

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We bring visibility and trust to many of the world’s leading companies.

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