Trust your IT environment again

UpGuard's discovery engine brings visibility to complex IT environments, enabling teams to identify risk, confirm compliance and make business safer.

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Trust your IT environment again
CIO Dive
“UpGuard produces FICO-like scores that indicates how vulnerable a network is to attacks.”
Insurance Business
“CSTAR has the potential to help insurance companies better assess, and therefore price, a customer's cyber risk.”
Financial Review
“The ability to assess both external and internal risk factors is a huge step forward in understanding the complete security posture of a business.”

Discover Unparalleled visibility into your environment

UpGuard creates transparency in the data center by discovering the configuration profiles of every internal device, as well as external websites, email and relevant vendor and business data to provide a comprehensive picture of cyber resilience.

Gain Visibility Now
With unparalleled visibility comes the power to control your environment.

Take three steps to turn Risk into Resilience: Discover. Control. Fortify.

CFA Institure

Nothing in the market today provides the visibility that UpGuard does.

– CFA Institute, Finance

Regain control through continuous testing

UpGuard's continuous assessment engine allows businesses to control their environment through easy to create, customizable policies. Unauthorized change notifications can be automatically sent to a reporting, ticketing or alerting system.

Regain Control Now
And with that kind of Control, you can Fortify.

Why Companies Will Keep Getting Breached In 2016 And Beyond

Companies are spending more than ever on cybersecurity products, but data breaches are increasing across the board. Are the hackers that far ahead, or are businesses making a fundamental mistake in their attempts to protect against threats?

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Fortify by transforming risk into data driven resilience

UpGuard transforms cyber risk into business resilience with CSTAR. Cutting edge executive summaries and reports turn IT security and configuration data into pertinent business metrics. Compare your organization to others in your field. Analyze vendor ratings before handing them your data. Provide insurers proof of your company's security measures. CSTAR helps align IT goals with business goals in a way everyone can understand. 

Transform Risk now
Fortification means data driven resilience

The More You Know

It's time to trust IT again

If your IT team can't trust their systems, how can customers trust your digital business? UpGuard helps create that trust by providing unparalleled visibility into your environment.

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See How It Works

As UpGuard learns about an infrastructure's characteristics and tendencies, the natural next step is to compile known risk indicators into a single score. CSTAR is a living 'credit score' for cyber risk – and the only risk score based on actual, internal data. This score allows decision makers, board members and corporate insurers to treat cyber risk as what it really is – business risk.

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