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Breaches are the symptom.

Misconfigurations are the cause.

More than 8 out of 10 incidents are caused by hard-to-spot misconfigurations. UpGuard's next-gen configuration management platform prevents outages and breaches. We call it cyber resilience.

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Stop drifting.

Start knowing.

As complexity increases, so too does the potential for simple mistakes and misconfigurations to wreak havoc. UpGuard brings the configuration state of every server and device into view.

Upguard helps combat configuration drift
UpGuard procedures save you time and money in ensuring your systems health.

Smarter procedures save time, money, and worry.

The procedures used to govern your assets are as important as the configurations themselves. UpGuard Procedures provides oversight and validation, ensuring things are configured right the first time, and every time.

Understand your vendors.

Understand yourself.

Every third-party vendor you trust with your sensitive data introduces risk to your business. Understanding their security risks is an integral part of understanding your own.

Understanding your vendors risks is just as important as understanding your own.
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Before, we needed an army to reconcile change. Now, we have automated, scalable processes that strengthen our regulatory stance, reduce operational risk, and allow us to continuously improve our IT operational processes.
Chuck Adkins
Vice President of Technology

Cyber Resilience as a platform, fully integrated with your stack.

UpGuard supports monitoring every commonly-used server OS, cloud service, network device, database, and virtual environment and integrates them all into a single source of truth.

UpGuard integrates with Puppet, AWS, Google, Ansible, Slack, Jira, Docker, ServiceNow and Splunk>

One platform, three new ways of doing business.



UpGuard discovers the configuration state of every asset connected to your infrastructure, with or without an agent, on-site and in the cloud.



Automate IT policies and compliance reporting with process controls for change reconciliation, automated release auditing, and AI-assisted alerting.



UpGuard's CSTAR is the only risk analysis based on your live, internal servers and devices. Make more informed and responsible decisions and remove the guesswork.

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