There are now three certainties in life: death, taxes and data breaches

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What is UpGuard?

What is UpGuard?

UpGuard's proprietary technology tests an organization's IT infrastructure both internally and externally to calculate the potential risk of future intrusions or outages. Upon evaluating the ongoing configuration state of every server and network device, companies are given an easy-to-understand score called CSTAR—a single number that indicates to IT staff as well as their executives the risk level for data breaches. An organization's CSTAR score can even be used by corporate insurers in creating a cybersecurity insurance policy.

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Benefits From The Inside Out

Eliminate Outages

Eliminate Outages

Prevent misconfigurations before they cause problems, allowing your team more time to focus on important tasks.

Speed Up Release Times

Speed Up Release Times

Seamless pre- and post-flight checks around deployments give your team the confidence to deliver software faster.

Secure Your Systems

Secure Your Systems

Complete visibility into the configuration of every server, network device, and cloud app you're running.

Calculate Risk

Calculate Risk

CSTAR is a comprehensive aggregate score that determines your risk of service outages and data breaches.

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Determination of IT Risk - Then and Now

Determination of IT Risk - Then


Old cybersecurity firms typically used three simple functions to determine a company's risk level—external testing, contextual information, and employee surveys. These methods only tell part of the story—external testing will only reveal wide-open security holes, contextual data isn't relevant to individuals, and employee surveys are conjecture and gut feelings, and thus, naturally flawed.

Determination of IT Risk - Now


UpGuard determines your risk level by testing where the truth is—within the infrastructure itself. Our platform tests the Digital Resilience of every server, network device, and cloud service and can detect the slightest anomalies and vulnerabilities across thousands of nodes in a single view. The platform then tests externally as well to give the complete picture of your risk potential.

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How Can I Use UpGuard?


UpGuard for DevOps

Accelerate DevOps initiatives by validating your complete toolchain and pipeline. Identify potential issues in development, rather than in production.

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IT Security

UpGuard for IT Security

Discover critical security gaps and vulnerabilities before infiltrators do, then export a remediation task to your tool or platform of choice.

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Digital Resilience

UpGuard for Digital Resilience

Preventing breaches and unplanned outages that threaten your business requires sound IT operations as well as vulnerability detection.

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UpGuard for Risk

Foster the necessary insights for deploying, managing, retiring and optimizing IT systems safely and securely.

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Who Uses It?

UpGuard for Financial Services

Financial Services

You'll find UpGuard at the heart of many of the world's top-performing financial bodies.

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UpGuard for Healthcare


When regulation is steep and there's no room for error, UpGuard gives valuable insight.

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UpGuard Retail


Customer data is a liability, not an asset. UpGuard identifies your potential for breaches.

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UpGuard for Technology


More complexity also means more potential points of failure. UpGuard validates at scale.

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