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IT Ops

See Everything You Have

UpGuard discovers the configuration state of every information asset connected to your infrastructure, with or without an agent. Understand the baseline state of your infrastructure for complete awareness of even the most complex enterprise environments. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, configuration monitoring has never been this easy or scalable.


Security At Every Step

Automate IT policies and compliance reporting with process controls for change reconciliation, automated release auditing, and AI assisted alerting. UpGuard gives you unified controls to manage every aspect of your infrastructure compliance strategy, whether using established security benchmarks or curating your own.


Cyber Risk, Demystified

Security doesn’t end with vulnerability management— Powered by CSTAR, UpGuard has built the first AI-assisted Cyber Risk Analysis Engine. UpGuard's CSTAR calculates risk in your internal systems and aggregates it with the risk profiles of your IT vendors. Use CSTAR as a comprehensive view to predict security events, measure return on technology investments, and simplify risk reporting to the board.


Plays Well With Others

You've already invested in other technology platforms to power your business processes— use UpGuard to utilize their full potential. Our RESTful API and built-in integrations for the most popular applications allow organizations to build resilience into their trusted digital ecosystems.

Featured Integration - ServiceNow

ServiceNow's Best Friend

Efficient change processes are the heart of resilient enterprise technology systems. UpGuard and ServiceNow work together to automatically test and validate planned changes against the actual environment. Ever wish an incident was created when an unauthorized change occurs? UpGuard detects those changes, compares them to your expected state, and automatically generates a ServiceNow ticket to surface the change.

Platform Architecture

Built For The Future

Achieving resilience at scale requires an architecture capable of supporting the demands and complexities of the largest enterprises. Utilizing many of the same cutting edge infrastructure technologies powering Google, UpGuard performs over 2 million evaluations per second across hundreds of thousands of nodes.