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UpGuard combines asset discovery, security ratings and vendor questionnaires for the only complete cyber risk solution.




The Problem

Your business relies on third parties. Their risk is your risk, but the quality of their security practices is unknown.

Vendor with Security Flaws
Your it environment
Security Gaps


The Solution

UpGuard's cloudscanner assesses billions of digital assets every day for the risk factors known to cause breaches.

CyberRisk Overview screen for UpGuard.

587B Valuation

114000 Employees

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Satya Nadella


No unnecessary open ports found
Susceptible to man in the middle attacks
No malware detected
Domains at risk of being hijacked
Vulnerabilities can be uncovered more easily
Vulnerable to cross-site scripting
Emails can be fraudulently sent
DNS susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks
Strong company satisfaction
Vendors display good security hygiene

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CSTAR Risk Score

UpGuard's Cyber Security Threat Assessment Ratings (CSTAR) are scores between 0 and 950 given to every organization, like a credit score for risk. Millions of public-facing properties have their own continuously updated CSTAR scores.

The Best

  • Google 844
  • Coverhound 836
  • Paypal 822
  • Apple 808

The Worst

  • LG Electronics 443
  • Pepsi 447
  • Toshiba 458
  • Fujitsu 462
  • 801 - 950
  • 601 - 800
  • 401 - 600
  • 201 - 400
  • 0 - 200

How it Works

  • Cloud Scanning

    UpGuard's proprietary cloudscanners gather data non-invasively, requiring no software installation. The cloudscanners process billions of digital assets each day - more than ten times the number scanned by other security ratings vendors.

  • Security Scoring

    UpGuard simplifies vendor management by processing millions of factors into a single score indicating the overall risk of each website and business. With UpGuard's CSTAR score, compare risk between vendors, and manage your vendor portfolios.

  • Automated Security Questionnaires

    While the cloudscanner can detect many leading indicators of breach, vendor risk programs still require attestations on controls that aren’t publicly accessible. UpGuard offers integrated security questionnaires to automate the most time-consuming part of vendor risk assessment.

  • Cloud Services Monitoring

    Cloud leaks due to services like Amazon S3 have exposed private information of millions of people and the administrative credentials to enterprises’ most sensitive systems. Only UpGuard offers integrated risk management for all of your technology assets, either in the cloud or on premises.

A secured environment

CSTAR Where You Work


The CSTAR Slack app informs you of the risk ratings for links posted in Slack channels to make security awareness part of everyday communication.


Browse fast and stay safe with our CSTAR browser extensions. They go beyond the padlock to give you security ratings for every website you visit.

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