A complete attack surface management platform

Whether you're looking to prevent data breaches, monitor your organization for data leaks, or simply protect customer data, do it with a fully integrated platform that is up-to-date and easy to use.
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Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide
Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide

Prevent data breaches, monitor your organization for data leaks, and protect customer data.

Prevent data breaches, discover leaked credentials, and protect customer data

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Instantly understand your security posture

Instantly assess your organization’s security posture with easy-to-understand, always up-to-date security ratings. Our security platform intelligently groups risks into six categories: website risks, email security, network security, phishing & malware, reputation risk, and brand protection.
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Continuously monitor your entire attack surface

Improve your security and find leaked employee credentials exposed to the public Internet, typosquatted domains and software vulnerabilities. Continuously monitor your organization's entire IP address footprint, and be alerted when changes occur. Immediately take action to remediate misconfigurations and prevent breaches.
UpGuard’s data breach research team is directly responsible for securing hundreds of millions of records.
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Use data to drive your remediation process

Simplify and accelerate your remediation process by using real-time data about identified risks. Use powerful workflows to track progress and know exactly when issues are fixed. Using UpGuard’s platform means less email, fewer spreadsheets, and more time to focus on improving your security posture.

Leader in Third Party & Supplier Risk Management Software

See how UpGuard shapes up against other platforms in the market.

Security and
at the core

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Comprehensive security

Security is everything at UpGuard. We invest heavily in securing our infrastructure with our own technology and employ world-class security experts so you don’t have to.
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    You can rely on our security engine. It already operates at significant scale. Processing over 800 billion data points each day.
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    We’re ready to scale with you. UpGuard is directly responsible for securing over 1.9 billion records from companies like Amazon Web Services, Attunity, Facebook, GoDaddy, and Verizon.
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Rigorous compliance

Your data is safe with us. UpGuard’s platform follows industry best practices and has robust security controls built-in.
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    Integrate UpGuard with your SSO provider. Think Microsoft Azure, Okta, Ping Identity, and more.
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    Fine-grained access control and individual user accounts.
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    Comprehensive collaboration notes to ensure auditability.
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A deep dive into the attack surface management stack


Security ratings
Custom notifications
Create custom notifications for in-app and email alerts, or webhook triggers.
Your security rating
Instantly understand your overall security posture.
Domain security ratings
Instantly understand your domain security posture.
Continuous security monitoring
Incidents & news feed
Stay on top of publicly disclosed data breaches.
Risk profile
Understand risks shared across your infrastructure.
Domains & IPs
Dive deep into individual domain and IP risks.
Asset Portfolios
Efficiently organize your domains and IP addresses into groups
Attack surface reduction
Discover vulnerabilities in software on your website.
Monitor and identify domain permutations.
Data Protection
Data Leak Detection
Detect sensitive data exposed publicly


Data protection
Identity breaches
Discover credentials exposed in data breaches.
Workflows and waivers
Remediation workflows
Seamless inbuilt workflows to remediate risks.
Remediation planner
Plan your remediation on the impact on security ratings.
Risk waivers
Accept specific risks that have been identified.
Standardize security related communication with vendors.
Security profile
Your security profile
Eliminate repeated security questionnaires.


Reporting and insights
Executive reporting
In-built executive reports for the Board and C-Suite.
Business operations
Roles and permissions
Tailor access for your team to protect sensitive info.
Account security
Support for Azure, Okta, Ping Identity and more.
Collaboration notes
Attach notes and info for your teammates.
Monitor the security posture of your subsidiaries in one place.
Audit log
Keep track of important events and users.
Scheduled reports
See all report exports queued from anywhere in UpGuard.
Third-party integrations
Jira integration
Send issues directly from UpGuard into a Jira project
Slack integration
Send UpGuard notification directly to Slack channels
Zapier integration
Connect UpGuard to thousands of apps to automate your work.
UpGuard API
Access your account programmatically.
Fantastic tool, easy to use!
UpGuard have always been great to deal with. They are always keen to help and to resolve any issues we have faced. All our clients have been impressed by the ease of use and effectiveness of UpGuard.
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Cyber Risk Management Lead
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Free instant security score

How secure is your organization?

Request a free cybersecurity report to discover key risks on your website, email, network, and brand.
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    Instant insights you can act on immediately
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    Hundreds of risk factors including email security, SSL, DNS health, open ports and common vulnerabilities
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