Data leak detection

Protect your brand, intellectual property and customer data with timely detection of data leaks to avoid costly data breaches

UpGuard combines world-class expertise with our proprietary data leak detection engine to detect exposed, sensitive data

In-depth context on data exposures

Our world-class cybersecurity analysts review every data leak finding before notifying you of verified and risk-assessed leaks to avoid any false positives. Every data leak alert has context that enables you to make better decisions, including how recent the data is, who is responsible, what systems of business units are impacted, and what data classes are included in the exposure.

Comprehensive data leak detection from multiple sources

UpGuard’s proprietary data leak detection engine finds data leaks that are otherwise hard to find by continuously monitoring hundreds of vectors, encompassing billions of exposed records, including publicly-available online file storages, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, SMB, FTP, and RSync, databases like MongoDB and Firebase, company websites that include content hosting services, such as indexed folders and CDNs, and hundreds more.

Timely incident response

Avoid business, reputational and regulatory issues by timely detecting exposed documents and customer details such as PII, protected health information, leaked payment data, leaked employee credentials or intellectual property. Get help from our cybersecurity experts on takedowns, forensics, after-action monitoring, or use the UpGuard remediation workflows and API to mitigate the data leak alerts.
“UpGuard is easy to use and has a crawler that looks for data leaks. In a regulated industry, having an automated machine learning tool that can find data leaks is a must, and that is exactly what I like about UpGuard.”
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