Cyber Risk Services

Expert analysts to bolster your team

Vendor risk assessments done for you

Partner with an UpGuard analyst and put your vendor assessments on autopilot.
Step 1

Pair with an UpGuard analyst

A designated analyst is allocated to your security team to manage vendor assessments.
Step 2

Inputs gathered and analyzed

Your analyst collects critical documentation, liaises directly with your vendors, and performs an in-depth risk assessment.
Step 3

Receive actionable insights

Get an easy-to-understand report that shows key risks and explains how they were identified.

Expertise you won’t find elsewhere

Bolster your team’s analytical prowess with a highly trained analyst from UpGuard. Deeply experienced in cyber risk, your analyst brings a wealth of knowledge to your assessments.
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    Designated UpGuard analyst
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    Aligned to your goals and priorities
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    Thousands of assessments completed

Best-in-class security reporting

Bring a new level of precision to your vendor assessments. UpGuard’s actionable reports lead the industry in quality, reliability, and ease of use.
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    Comprehensively aligned to industry standards (ISO 27001:2002)
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    Find and understand key risks earlier
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    Clear, digestible reports for all expertise levels

Get critical risk insights twice as fast

Take the tedium out of vendor assessments. UpGuard analysts manage every aspect of vendor communication and analysis, ensuring you get insights — and can take action — sooner.
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    Zero vendor follow-ups for your team
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    All vendor documentation analyzed for you
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    2X speed and delivery of vendor reports

Scale easily when you need it most

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Solve your assessment backlog

Outsource your outstanding vendor assessments to your UpGuard analyst and rapidly work through any existing backlogs.
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Quick-start your TPRM program

Launch your TPRM program in weeks instead of months. Use an UpGuard analyst to do the heavy lifting and ensure that assessments are ready on time.
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Prepare for an audit or company event

Ensure that your vendor assessments are current for a snap audit or merger/acquisition. With an UpGuard Analyst, your team is free to work on other critical priorities.
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Keep pace with growing operations

With growth come new security tasks. Help your team stretch to cover them all by moving your upcoming vendor assessments to an UpGuard Analyst.
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“UpGuard helped us halve the turnaround time for our vendor assessments.”

Head of Information Security, Financial Services