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Summit is a virtual conference designed to explore the future of security and hear from security leaders at global companies.

Join us for UpGuard Summit, where you'll hear from our product team and learn from security experts.
The UpGuard team is incredibly excited to share several new features with you this quarter. We're launching many new, powerful capabilities such as Vendor Tiering, Vendor Comparison, and Compliance report.
Summit Agenda
UpGuard product updates and roadmap
Demos of new features including vendor tiering, vendor comparison and compliance report
Panel discussion on best cybersecurity risk management practices with security leaders from Built Technologies
Dan Bradbury
Chief Product Officer, UpGuard
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Richard Russell
Director of Information Security, Built Technologies
Adam Vanscoy
Senior Security Analyst, Built Technologies
Tyler Welton
Principal Threat and Vulnerability Engineer, Built Technologies
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Strategies for security leaders to build third-party risk and attack surface management programs.
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Practical methods to execute your program and stay proactive, directly from other UpGuard users.
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Approaches and insights in cybersecurity, to help you advance your career as a security professional.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are UpGuard events free?

Yes! UpGuard events are 100% free.

What is UpGuard Summit?

Summit is our quarterly virtual event designed to explore the future of security, help businesses stay secure, and connect security leaders from leading companies.

Who should attend events?

Anyone interested in the future of security! We cover strategies for security leaders to improve their security posture, current challenges, and modern approaches into cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond.

I can’t make it to an event. Will they be recorded?

Yes! The sessions will be recorded. To make sure you get access to the recordings, sign up for the event to make sure you're notified when the recordings are available. You can even check out recordings from some of our previous events here.

Can my company sponsor events?

If you would like to get involved and potentially speak at an upcoming summit, please send an email to

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