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Our mission

We're protecting the world's data

UpGuard helps businesses manage cybersecurity risk. UpGuard's integrated risk platform combines third party security ratings, security assessment questionnaires, and threat intelligence capabilities to give businesses a full and comprehensive view of their risk surface.
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Our values

How we work at UpGuard

Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team.
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Care about our team

Understand what matters to our employees. Give them what they need to do their best work.
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Be excellent to each other

No games. No bullshit. We rely on our peers to improve. Be open, honest and kind.
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Pride in what we do

Value quality and integrity in everything we do.
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Don't #!&$ the customer

Understand customers' stated and unstated needs. Make them wildly successful.
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Do the impossible

Be energized by difficult problems. Revel in unknowns. Ask "Why?", but always question, "Why not?"
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Like the way we work?

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Our team

We’re a distributed team

We have head offices in Mountain View, Sydney and Hobart. And we’re growing fast. If you feel like you’d be a great fit, we’d love to hear from you.
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Hobart, AUS
Global HQ
Mountain View
India HQ
Regional office
Adelaide, AUS
Amsterdam, NED
Auckland, NZ
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Belfast, IRE
Bangalore, India
Cardiff, Wales
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Dublin, IR
London, UK
Los Angeles, CA
Manila, PHP
Melbourne, AUS
Miami, FL
Mumbai, India
Ontario, Canada
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA

We're looking for people like you

Our mission is to protect the world's data. That takes great people.
Taylor Fry benchmarks their cybersecurity performance using UpGuard
By automating cyber risk detection and assessment, UpGuard has helped increase our cybersecurity performance while getting efficiency through automation.
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Thomas McCosker
Thomas McCosker
Head of IT
Taylor Fry
Taylor Fry

Real, professional cybersecurity experts

We’re a team of experts and industry-leaders dedicated to helping companies reduce their cyber risk and protect their data.

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