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UpGuard is the only platform that provides CSTAR, the CyberSecurity Threat Assessment Report. CSTAR looks at your infrastructure from the inside-out and provides an easy-to-understand risk score which insurers can use in determining a fair premium for cybersecurity insurance.

Our customers use UpGuard to accelerate DevOps initiatives, identify critical security gaps and vulnerabilities, streamline auditing and compliance testing, and gain visibility into the true state of their infrastructure.

UpGuard was founded in 2012 and is a privately held, venture-funded startup headquartered in Mountain View, California.

UpGuard is a Gartner Cool Vendor

UpGuard has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the “Cool Vendors in DevOps 2015” report by Gartner, Inc.

UpGuard Leadership

Mike Baukes
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Lead Guitar

Mike is an entrepreneur at heart and is as comfortable dealing in technical detail as he is strategic outcomes. Mike held senior leadership roles in Enterprise strategy, architecture and solution design for major corporates including Lloyds, E*Trade and CBA all at a young age. His knowledge of technology is exceptional as is his ability to realize opportunities and execute on his vision.

Alan Sharp-Paul
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Bass Guitar

Alan is a web developer, pitchman and process purist. Alan has spent more years than he'd care to admit working in Corporate IT at companies like Expedia, Lloyds and CBA. A long term part time entrepreneur, his specialty has always been execution and in particular development & process management roles.

Cesar Alaniz
VP of Platform


Cesar has over a decade of experience and a series of impressive successes in the tech sector. Using his combination of technical ability and leadership, he's built startups, created products, raised funding, and had his companies acquired. He is driven by projects which can utilize his natural talents for scaling teams and technology.

Tony Esposito
VP of Sales

Tony is a dynamic sales executive with over 28 years of experience building and leading high-performance sales teams in the enterprise software industry. He is well known for building uniquely collaborative customer relationships and his ability to solve customers' most critical business challenges. In one of his greatest prior successes as VP of Sales, he enabled his company to grow to over $150M in revenue.

Paul McCarthy
Guitar, Mandolin


Paul has been writing software professionally since the 90's on everything from embedded microcontrollers inside lighting desks to multi-million dollar projects for large financial institutions. A polyglot programmer and CI/CD junkie, Paul has yet to find a task he didn’t want to automate.

Greg Pollock
VP of Product
Slide Whistle

Greg has previously managed products and product teams for gaming and education startups with a focus on meaningful, measurable engagement loops. His games have been ranked in the top ten by traffic on Facebook, the top ten by revenue on the App Store, and as the Editor's Choice in the App Stores of over 70 countries.

Frank Bunger
VP of Customer Success


A long-time Silicon Valley startup veteran and technologist, Frank couples deep, hands-on technical experience in a broad spectrum of IT, DevOps, and Security disciplines with extensive implementation and delivery experience at Fortune 500 companies. Frank’s passion is to build valuable, pragmatic, and real-world solutions for complex enterprise-scale problems.

This is our story.

  • 2007 The Beginning
    Alan and Mike work on a project together and have The Argument. Alan says the project is code complete. Mike says he needs to know more to deploy it.
  • 2008 The Beginning
    Both go to a new bank to build out the integration pipeline from the ground up. Despite working in a greenfield environment, they encounter the same problem.
  • 2009-2011 The Beginning
    Mike and Alan find themselves together at yet another bank. It's an even bigger project: thousands of servers, thousands of apps. Same problem. They decide it's time to stop having The Same Argument
  • 2012 ScriptRock
    • First large scale commercial use in a bank's data center migration. Works exactly as intended.
    • Mike and Alan move to the states and hire three engineers.
    • ScriptRock product is just a way to define and test configuration items.
  • 2013 ScriptRock
    • First public release. New visualizations and agentless capabilities released.
  • 2013 ScriptRock
    • First deployment over ten thousand nodes.
    • UpGuard reaches milestone of one billion configuration items scanned.
  • 2014 ScriptRock
    • Support for network devices added.
    • API integration lets UpGuard hook into thousands of web apps.
    • Support for web services including AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, and Salesforce.
  • 2014 ScriptRock
    • Passed 1000 customers.
    • UpGuard reaches milestone of one trillion configuration items scanned.
  • 2014 ScriptRock
  • 2015 ScriptRock
  • 2015 ScriptRock
    • Included in Gartner Cool Vendors in DevOps 2015.
  • 2015 ScriptRock

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UpGuard is the proud recipient of numerous industry awards including DEMO (2012) Citrix Global Synergy Conference (taking both the Startup Accelerator and People’s Choice awards), and Gartner Cool Vendor (2015). 

The Artist Formerly Known as ScriptRock

When we first started as ScriptRock in 2012, our goal was to remove the tension between Dev and Ops: Dev claims the project is code complete; Ops needs more information to deploy. The product was initially built just as a way to define and test configuration items using scripts – we’ve come a long way since. And because of where we are and what we’ve learned from our customers, we know that we do more than keep track of configuration items. We keep systems UP and Guard against breaches