UpGuard helps Games24x7 manage its external security posture and monitor its attack surface.
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UpGuard helps Games24x7 continuously monitor its attack surface, enabling proactive identification of vulnerabilities and swift remediation actions to strengthen its security defenses.

About Games24x7

Games24x7 is India's leading digital skill games company with a full-stack games portfolio across skill games, fantasy sports, and casual games. The company uses behavioral science, technology, and artificial intelligence to provide game-playing experiences across all its platforms. It operates RummyCircle, the largest online rummy platform in India, and My11Circle, one of the country's top fantasy sports platforms.

Sanjay Singh is the Director of DevSecOps and IT at Games24x7. He plays a pivotal role in the implementation and adoption of InfoSec practices at Games24x7. He is involved in developing and enhancing security programs and policies that significantly elevate Games24x7's overall security measures.

The Challenge

Sanjay's team wanted a tool that would provide them with continuous visibility across their digital surfaces, enabling them to take immediate remediation measures that would enhance their overall security.

How UpGuard helped

“UpGuard has been a valuable tool for detecting external security threats without requiring any platform integration. With its automated reports, we are able to quickly take action against potential attacks and categorize risks based on severity. Additionally, UpGuard assists us in assessing the security health of our onboarded vendors and identifying subdomains within our master domains.”

UpGuard is a very handy tool for monitoring our attack surface and effectively categorizing potential attacks based on severity. The automated reports by UpGuard helped us swiftly identify and respond to threats, enabling us to safeguard our systems. Additionally, UpGuard also helps us figure out the health of any vendor tool we integrate.
Sanjay Singh

Director of DevSecOps and IT, Games24x7

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