Fortify with UpGuard

You've established the visibility and control to trust what you're doing, now how do you handle the threat landscape?

Risk analytics broaden awareness and deepen defenses.

CSTAR Resilience Scoring

Are your security investments paying off? Are misconfigurations in pre-production environments undermining expensive efforts elsewhere? UpGuard's CSTAR provides enterprise resilience scoring to locate where and why you are vulnerable.

  • Continuous scoring for every asset and environment to pinpoint problem areas
  • Single credit score-like number to track the risk of every system
  • Combine external security ratings with internal compliance and integrity metrics
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IT Security Ratings

Businesses with weak public-facing defenses increase their risk of being breached through perimeter attacks and make more attractive targets. UpGuard's security ratings give you the 30,000 foot view of how your public security compares to those in your industry and beyond.

  • Inspect security posture for all of your business' web properties
  • Benchmark your organization against peers in the same industry
  • Track changes over time to understand impacts of new initiatives
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Vendor Risk Assessment

Third parties are a common vector for breaches due to the requirement that you grant them privileged access. Data lost through a third party will still impact reputation and finances. UpGuard risk assessment gives you the information to choose vendors you can trust.

  • Security ratings for any public-facing website
  • Patching and release cadence to address vulnerabilities
  • Breach history and number of compromised records
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UpGuard helps you fortify.

Fortification is about the big picture, the total defense of an organization's digital footprint. That can be an overwhelming task when modern data centers have thousands of nodes or more. UpGuard scales to the largest environments and keeps all the moving pieces that comprise resiliency within a single, easy to use interface. The key to resiliency is visibility, and UpGuard is the visibility platform for the modern data center.

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