How safe are your favorite websites?

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How can you trust the websites handling your personal information?

Let's be honest, most of the time we don't know how secure the websites we use actually are. UpGuard changes that. We've compiled a list of security scores from top websites – including healthcare, retail, and even online gambling. View the infographic below and see how your favorite sites fair in the cybersecurity department, then use our chrome extension to keep tabs on all the sites you visit. 

How safe are your favorite websites?

Check the security score of any website you visit:

Q: Where did you get these security scores?
A: The scores listed in the infographic are from the UpGuard external risk grader. We call them CSTAR scores. A CSTAR score is a single, easy-to-understand value representing an organization's security posture. With the UpGuard external risk grader, you can quickly test the resilience of any website for free. Factoring in SSL and website configuration, email and DNS protection, and pertinent business information, we present a comprehensive picture of a site's total security profile so you can choose whether or not to trust it. You can find the Chrome extension of the risk grader below.

You can learn more about CSTAR here.
Or view an example of a CSTAR score here.

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