Streamline Your Vendor Risk Management

Automate your third party risk assessment workflows, and get instant notifications about your vendors’ security, all in one centralized dashboard with UpGuard’s Vendor Risk.
Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide
Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide

Manage your vendor lifecycle with automated and instant workflows, all in one place

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Spend less time monitoring and assessing your vendor's security posture

Save time and take control by automating your vendor risk assessment process. Remove the inefficiencies and manual work when monitoring your vendors.
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    Spend less time creating, sending, tracking and reviewing vendor questionnaires
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    Monitor and assess all your vendors to understand the risks they pose to your business
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    Tier your vendors based on criticality to drive the right level of risk assessment activity.
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Get real-time updates on your vendor security posture

Instantly assess the security of your vendors, and get real-time notifications of their risks. Be the first to know when you’re exposed to vendor risk and proactively assess and remediate risk exposures.
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    Easily calculate the impact of remediated risks and get results with instant rescans.
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    Monitor your vendors daily and be the first to know when you’re exposed to vendor risk.
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    Quickly generate instant reports to understand what risks are impacting a vendor’s security posture.
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Streamlined vendor lifecycle management

Manage your vendors securely and easily in one central location. Customize and conduct risk assessments based on a vendor’s risk exposure to your business using UpGuard’s centralized dashboard.
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    Gather evidence, assess risks, and request remediation all in a single automated workflow.
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    Remove the need to utilize different tools to monitor and manage your vendors.
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    Easily run tailor made reports for different stakeholders using the Reports Library.

Explore our features today

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Security questionnaires

Automate security questionnaires with workflows to get deeper insights into your vendors’ security
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Security ratings

Instantly understand your vendors' security posture with our data driven, objective and dynamic security ratings
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Risk assessments

Let us guide you each step of the way from gathering evidence, assessing risks, and requesting remediation
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Monitor vendor risk

Monitor your vendors daily and view the details to understand what risks are impacting a vendor’s security posture
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Reporting and insights

UpGuard’s Reports Library makes it easier and faster for you to access tailor-made reports for different stakeholders

Managed third-party risks

Let our expert analysts manage your third-party risk management program and allocate your security resources
UpGuard is resolving a variety of safety issues.
"UpGuard offers automated risk assessments, which assist us in spotting and reducing potential security risks before they have a chance to cause damage. This helps us save a ton of time and money"
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Heather Jefferson
Enterprise Company (> 1000 emp.)

Statistics that speak for themselves


Time Saved
"Using UpGuard, we’ve saved at least 50% of the time needed to assess our customers and vendors"
- TravelPerk


Time Saved
"Utilizing UpGuard has enabled us to reduce our security reviews, and annual reviews, by up to 70% of the time it used to take our security team to complete"
- Shift


Time Saved
"Using UpGuard has reduced what use to take 7 hours of work to around 1 hour"
- Anonymous


Security Score Increase
"Our score was initially around 700 when we first started using UpGuard. And with the suggestions provided, we are now 900+ which is a very good score for a company profile"
- Anonymous
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