Release notes

Risk waivers added to the risk assessment workflow

Annie Luu
Annie Luu
released Oct 13, 2022
Release notes imageRisk waivers added to the risk assessment workflow

In this release we have streamlined the risk assessment process by incorporating risk waivers into the risk review section. The feature allows you to document justifications and approvals for waiving known risks, in addition to requesting remediation. This streamlines the risk assessment workflow so that you have all the relevant information when managing the risks presented. Learn all about using the risk assessment framework in UpGuard

HIPAA questionnaire with risk mapping

We have added a new risk-mapped security questionnaire to the questionnaire library: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) questionnaire. The HIPAA questionnaire allows organizations to determine if their vendors are compliant with the US Federal HIPAA standard, which relates to the secure handling of Protected Health Information (PHI). 

Simply send this security questionnaire to your vendor and UpGuard will automatically generate risks based on the responses. They can save time by using our new auto-fill functionality to complete the same questionnaire at the touch of a button: Learn more about using questionnaire autofill.

Other improvements

  • We’ve added unverified checks for Microsoft Exchange ProxyNotShell vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082).
  • We’ve made improvements to our detection of Windows Server versions.
  • Creating a risk waiver will now close associated remediation request risks.
  • Additional audit log events for shared profiles:

            - Revoking a user or organization access

            - Adding, editing or removing assets on the profile

            - Customizing the public info on the profile

  • This release includes a number of bug fixes.
UpGuard customer support teamUpGuard customer support teamUpGuard customer support team

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