ServiceNow & UpGuard

Learn how UpGuard integrates with ServiceNow and let us help you fight configuration drift.

UpGuard integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow to extract detailed insights from your IT assets including change information to help you fight against configuration drift.

ServiceNow & UpGuard Whitepaper

On its own, ServiceNow is a formidable enterprise platform for scalable ITSM. But while it excels in streamlining the delivery and management of enterprise IT services, it doesn’t provide the requisite context or details behind IT asset changes. UpGuard’s integration with ServiceNow fills this awareness gap by providing the granular data behind configuration changes. Our platform verifies that approved changes have indeed occurred as expected and that misconfigurations never go unchecked, validating ServiceNow’s IT asset data stores against the true state of your environment.

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ServiceNow & UpGuard Whitepaper

How does UpGuard integrate with ServiceNow?


Change Validation

One of UpGuard's out-of-the-box integration options is change validation: ensuring that changes happen exactly as intended. With this option enabled, UpGuard will read change records in your ServiceNow account to determine which configuration items are expecting change. 

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Change Validation with UpGuard
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