Automated Change & Release Reconciliation

The complexity of the modern data center requires an efficient change management process to keep everything running smoothly. But while service desk applications can assist with workflow, only UpGuard can provide integration that tests actual configurations to ensure change orders are handled correctly.

 Automated Change & Release Reconciliation

Accountability for change management and notification for unplanned changes

Integrating UpGuard with ticket tracking software such as ServiceNow ties together the logical workflow of your change management system with the concrete reality of your data center by using powerful automated testing and result reporting to find out if scheduled changes actually happened. Likewise, unplanned changes that cause an asset to deviate from policy will trigger notifications to ensure nothing happens without sign off. Need more granularity? Custom in-app policies allow you to manage your changes the way your organization needs.

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Automated Change & Release Reconciliation with UpGuard

Traditional change and release operations assume whether or not changes have actually been made (or made correctly) based on human input. With UpGuard, configuration testing takes the guesswork out of change by validating settings before and after change windows and providing trustworthy statistics on progress.

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