Configuration Differencing

Compare single systems over time or detect differences between environments. UpGuard provides the critical details behind infrastructure changes. 

Configuration Differencing

Control your configurations before unknown differences lead to downtime or vulnerability.

From syncing high availability clusters to maintaining consistency across CI/CD pipelines and environments, keeping infrastructure configurations in alignment is crucial to stability and security. Despite this, diffing methods up until now have been unwieldy and ineffective.

UpGuard's powerful diffing capabilities discover and compare differences between single systems or entire environments, no matter how complex. We scan servers, network devices and cloud providers, document their configuration states, and analyze differences over time, differences between machines, and policy violations.  

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Configuration Diffing with UpGuard

Check basic system configuration differences and sophisticated variance analyses across disparate environments. UpGuard transforms systems and infrastructure data into actionable information for comprehensive operational awareness—in any environment, no matter how big or complex.

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