In the latest G2 Spring Report, UpGuard ranked as the leading third-party and supplier risk management solution. G2 also recognized UpGuard as a market leader in third-party risk management (TPRM) for the seventh consecutive quarter, reaffirming UpGuard’s continued excellence and commitment to providing world-class cybersecurity solutions to global mid-market and enterprise organizations. 

G2 is a trusted peer-to-peer review platform that offers practical insights into the performance of SaaS products. Through user reviews and detailed data analysis, G2 provides a clear snapshot of a product’s capabilities, customer satisfaction, and value. With a focus on real-world experiences and outcomes, the G2 Spring Report equips businesses with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their technological investments. 

This article recaps the 2024 G2 Spring Report and highlights UpGuard’s most recent accolades. Keep reading to explore UpGuard’s G2 rankings and learn what actual UpGuard customers have to say about their first-hand experiences using UpGuard’s products and services. 

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Key highlights: UpGuard’s G2 Spring Report accolades

three dark blue dials that display UpGuard's G2 ratings for 4 and 5-star reviews (97%), product direction (95%), and ease of use (94%).

In addition to naming UpGuard the leading third-party and supplier risk management software and a market leader in TPRM, G2 recognized UpGuard as a regional leader in several areas around the globe, underscoring UpGuard’s mission to protect the world’s data. UpGuard also earned exceptional customer satisfaction scores. 

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of UpGuard’s accolades in the 2024 G2 Spring Report: 

  • Named the #1 Third-Party & Supplier Risk Management Software
  • Named a market leader in TPRM for the 7th consecutive quarter
  • Named a market leader in Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment
  • Named a market leader in IT Risk Management
  • Earned 95% rating for product direction
  • Earned 94% rating for ease of use
  • Received a four or five-star review from 97% of customers
  • Awarded 14 badges across all business size segments 

“Being recognized in the G2 Spring 2024 Report is a testament to UpGuard’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and remain steadfast in our mission to help customers safeguard themselves against emerging cybersecurity threats and challenges,” asserted Kaushik Sen, Chief Marketing Officer.

This broad recognition also illuminates the sentiments echoed by UpGuard’s customers, providing valuable insights into the real-world impact of the company’s solutions and services.

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Customer reviews

eight dark blue bars that display UpGuard's G2 ratings for likelihood to recommend (89%), product direction (95%), meets requirements (90%), ease of admin (92%),  ease of business (93%), quality of support (92%), ease of setup (93%), and ease of use (94%)

UpGuard’s exceptional ratings in the 2024 G2 Spring Report highlight the company’s continued commitment to customer satisfaction. With a remarkable 95% rating for product direction and an impressive 94% rating for ease of use, UpGuard has further solidified its reputation as a trusted leader in the cybersecurity industry. These ratings reflect the company’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customer base. 

Here’s what real UpGuard customers have to say about their experience using UpGuard across a variety of use cases: 

  • Third-party risk management: “UpGuard provides a comprehensive third-party risk assessment using evidence and security questionnaires combined with security ratings and data leak detection. Risk assessments are accessible through the platform and provide guided remediation strategies.” - John Joseph R. 
  • Vendor monitoring: “It is straightforward to use. With a few clicks and details about the domains, ranges, or IP addresses, you can review your environment's vulnerabilities and extract detailed reports with proper classifications, like web vulnerabilities, mail, network, etc. It is incredible to see how fast it can generate reports and how easy it is to use.” - Rodrigo H.
  • Mitigating supply chain risk: “The platform is thoughtfully evolving through innovation and customer feedback. Plus, the scheduled check-ins from the UpGuard team support and often encourage me to more frequently and deeply use the product's features.”  - Robert L.
  • Website monitoring: “We use UpGuard to monitor our whole organisation, which includes over 200 websites. The product is easy to use, and onboarding and support have been great. With all the available features, I can only see our use of the product increasing.” - Darren T.

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UpGuard's G2 badges

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