Medical Procedure: How a Misconfigured Storage Bucket Exposed Medical Data

Data Warehouse: How a Vendor for Half the Fortune 100 Exposed a Terabyte of Backups

Open Enrollment: How HCL Exposed Employee Passwords and Project Data

Losing Face: Two More Cases of Third-Party Facebook App Data Exposure

Digital Gangsters, Disinformation and Dark Adverts: The UK Parliament DCMS Report

Out of Commission: How the Oklahoma Department of Securities Leaked Millions of Files

Out of Pocket: How an ISP Exposed Administrative System Credentials

Overboard: How Tea Party Campaign Assets Were Exposed Online

Public Option: How Medical Records and Patient-Doctor Recordings Were Exposed

HR Violation: How a Corporate Data Exposure Can Affect Employees

Public Domain: How Configuration Information For the World's Largest Domain Name Registrar Was Exposed Online

Short Circuit: How a Robotics Vendor Exposed Confidential Data for Major Manufacturing Companies

LA Confidential: How Leaked Emergency Call Records Exposed LA County's Abuse & Crisis Victims

Block Buster: How A Private Intelligence Platform Leaked 48 Million Personal Data Records

The AggregateIQ Files, Part Four: Northwest Passage

The AggregateIQ Files, Part Three: A Monarch, A Peasant, and a Saga

Learning Curve: How Personal Data for One Million Individuals Was Exposed

The AggregateIQ Files, Part Two: The Brexit Connection

The Aggregate IQ Files, Part One: How a Political Engineering Firm Exposed Their Code Base

Health Risk: How a Medical Practice Exposed Details for 40,000 Patients

Cloud Burst: Software Delivery via Public Cloud Storage

Double Indemnity: How An Insurer Exposed Its Customers

Bad Influence: How A Marketing Startup Exposed Thousands of Social M Stars

Home Economics: How Life in 123 Million American Households Was Exposed Online

Credit Crunch: Detailed Financial Histories Exposed for Thousands

Black Box, Red Disk: How Top Secret NSA and Army Data Leaked Online

Dark Cloud: Inside The Pentagon's Leaked Internet Surveillance Archive

System Shock: How A Cloud Leak Exposed Accenture's Business

Cut Cord: How Viacom's Master Controls Were Left Exposed

Insecure: How A Private Military Contractor's Hiring Files Leaked

The Chicago Way: An Electronic Voting Firm Exposes 1.8M Chicagoans

Blackout: Engineering Firm Exposes Critical Infrastructure Data

Cloud Leak: WSJ Parent Company Dow Jones Exposed Customer Data

Cloud Leak: How A Verizon Partner Exposed Millions of Customer Accounts

The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak

Spy Games: How Booz Allen Hamilton Exposed Pentagon Access Keys

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