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UpGuard helps CAMP Systems track up-to-date organization and vendor risk insights.
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CAMP Systems
Digital assets continuously monitored
Risk vectors continuously monitored
Vendors continuously monitored by the UpGuard platform
CAMP Systems leverages UpGuard to identify, assess, and remediate external vulnerabilities and to continually strengthen their security posture.

About CAMP Systems

CAMP Systems (CAMP) is the world's leading Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Solutions provider, with offices in the United States, Canada, France, and India.

Mehmet Sonmez is the Lead Application Security Manager for CAMP and its business units. Mehmet oversees various security functions at CAMP, such as Application Security Testing, incident response risk management, and managing regulatory compliance.

The Challenge

Mehmet and his team are responsible for securing CAMP's infrastructure and managing the organization’s cybersecurity risk exposure across around 600 servers. They were challenged with effectively managing cybersecurity risks without complete visibility into the external attack surface. Mehmet’s team needed a solution to identify and assess vulnerabilities affecting the organization and its vendors’ public-facing infrastructure.

As a critical solution provider in Aviation, CAMP must regularly inform customers of its risk exposure through ongoing risk reporting. The team wanted to improve tracking of up-to-date risk insights in a threat landscape where new cybersecurity risks emerge daily. They needed a solution that could continuously monitor for these risks and report how CAMP’s security posture was changing over time.

The Solution

Mehmet and the security team at CAMP leveraged UpGuard to maintain ongoing visibility into security risks affecting their external-facing assets. The UpGuard BreachSight dashboard provides an overview of CAMP's overall risk rating and how it changes over time. The team relies on CAMP’s security score to determine how frequently they rely on the dashboard.  

“We check the dashboard daily. Our score reflects how well we are doing. The higher the score, the more confident we are in our security posture.”

The dashboard allows Mehmet and the team to drill into identified risks, understand their level of criticality, and comprehensively understand their security posture at any given time. 

They export these findings using UpGuard’s Reports feature to share within the organization and with customers to demonstrate their security posture. 

CAMP understands that its risk exposure extends to the third-party attack surface. Mehmet’s team uses UpGuard Vendor Risk to review their vendors’ security postures quarterly and allows the team to share reporting of identified risks and request remediation from vendors.

“We want to do our part to help vendors identify their cyber risks. We export and share reports with our vendors to ensure their vulnerabilities are fixed.”

The Results

By implementing UpGuard, CAMP now has greater visibility over its external attack surface, including vendor cybersecurity risks. Mehmet and his team leverage UpGuard to identify, assess, and remediate external vulnerabilities, and continually strengthen CAMP’s security posture.

Faster Remediation With Instant Risk Detection

UpGuard BreachSight gives CAMP a better understanding of their security posture, with the ability to instantly identify vulnerabilities affecting their public-facing infrastructure. Mehmet notes that UpGuard’s security ratings have helped expedite the remediation processes within the organization. 

“If your security rating is 600, you cannot take pride in that report. Improving our security and getting a high score is very important – it gamifies the process. When we address vulnerabilities, we see the improvement to our score the next day.”

Mehmet also recognizes efficiencies in identifying critical risks across an extensive attack surface with UpGuard’s automated scanning capabilities.

“If you are scanning multiple domains, it’s harder to manage SSL certificates. But thanks to UpGuard, we can see if a certificate is about to expire or has already expired.”

Enhanced Vendor Risk Management Through Automated Reporting

With UpGuard Vendor Risk, Mehmet and the team are seeing significant improvements in their vendor risk management process. Sharing risk reports with vendors has provided greater visibility into their security postures, driving their remediation efforts. 

“I attach the security rating in the email so our vendors can easily see their standing. That makes our quarterly follow-ups with vendors more productive. We ask them to prioritize remediation if the identified risks are critical.”

Operational Efficiencies Through Automation

Mehmet says UpGuard has helped CAMP speed up its vulnerability management process by 40-50%.

“We’re able to conveniently review the vulnerabilities on the dashboard rather than manually scanning and reviewing the reports.”

Commenting further on the UpGuard platform’s ease of use, Mehmet says he’s impressed with the UpGuard team’s fast support responses.

“I give it five out of five stars. I get an answer in less than a minute when I use the chat. If they need to get back to me, it’s within a few hours. I cannot ask for anything better.” 
Because there is a score that we need to focus on, this ensures that resources are allocated accordingly, so all risks including the low hanging fruits are addressed.
CAMP Systems
Mehmet Sonmez

Lead Application Security Manager, CAMP Systems

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