dorsaVi is able to self-monitor their security and any potential vulnerabilities, while continuously monitoring their vendors’ security posture.
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Vendors monitored by the UpGuard platform
Digital assets continuously monitored
Unique risk vectors continuously monitored
UpGuard's executive reporting dashboard allows dorsaVi to have always up-to-date and data-driven security reports that can be easily presented to the executive team at any time.

About dorsaVi

dorsaVi is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative motion analysis device technologies. dorsaVi makes wearable sensors, software, and sophisticated algorithms that measure movement and muscle activation. 

With the increased awareness and focus of their customers around privacy and data security, Matthew May, General Manager, recognized the need to implement solutions to improve their cybersecurity and data security. Together with his CTO, they looked for solutions on how to improve their security — both for their own security posture and the security of their supply chain. 


The team at dorsaVi conducted a gap analysis and identified a number of areas that they needed to improve on, one of them being their security. “We had no visibility around potential data breaches to the business,” said Matthew. In addition, their prospects and customers were increasingly asking about their security policies and procedures, how they monitor their attack surface, and how they are preventing data breaches.

With no solution in place for these challenges, the dorsaVi CTO researched available solutions in the market and decided to trial UpGuard. 

The solution

Monitoring their own attack surface

During the UpGuard trial, dorsaVi found that UpGuard ticked the boxes of the solution they were looking for. “We saw that UpGuard was able to monitor our own attack surface, giving us visibility into our security,” said Matthew.

With the UpGuard dashboard, Matthew and the dorsaVi team were able to self-monitor their own security posture, and they can quickly view a snapshot of their security and up-to-date security ratings. In addition, they regularly benchmark their security ratings against companies in their industry “We find the risk profile feature which compares us against our competitors is helpful, as we can benchmark ourselves against companies in our industry and see how we rank against that,” said Matthew.  

As part of their internal process, the dorsaVi executive team reviews their UpGuard ratings regularly. The executive reporting dashboard allows Matthew and his team to have always up-to-date and data-driven report that he can easily present to the executive team at any time. “We can monitor and view any vulnerabilities easily using the UpGuard dashboard, allowing us complete visibility into our security,” added Matthew. 

Vendor risk management

Matthew mentioned that they recently signed a large customer who required dorsaVi to continuously assess its vendors in terms of their security performance, misconfigurations, and risk profile, specifically in the area of data privacy and data breaches. With UpGuard Vendor Risk, they now have a solution to continuously monitor their vendors’ security posture. “This is a request that we are seeing more and more in recent times, where our customers want us to make sure we are monitoring our vendors, and this helps reduce our third-party risk,” said Matthew

dorsaVi recently renewed with UpGuard with the Starter plan, allowing them to monitor the increasing number of vendors as they grow while ensuring that they manage their vendor risk. “To start, we are planning to add our 15 critical vendors on the UpGuard platform to start monitoring these vendors right away,” added Matthew.

We can monitor and view any vulnerabilities easily using the UpGuard dashboard, allowing us complete visibility into our security.
Matthew May

General Manager


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