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UpGuard helps a logistics company secure its vendor onboarding process and achieve an industry-leading security posture.
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Global Logistics Enterprise
Risk vectors continuously monitored
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UpGuard has improved the customer experience, reduced vendor onboarding times and introduced an industry-leading security posture, to elevate our customer well above all of its competitors.

About Global Logistics Enterprise

UpGuard’s customer is a logistics company with operations in port logistics to warehousing to distribution. The company handles incoming freight and cargo from across the globe.

The Challenge

Before choosing UpGuard, the Chief Information Office (CIO) and his security team had little to no visibility into their own security capabilities, as well as the security capabilities of their third parties and competitors. Because data integration is a large part of the logistics industry, understanding potential security risks or data leaks is a high priority when working with vendors and other parties in the supply chain. Without knowing what company data has been leaked to the dark web, the company was unable to gain insight on how to secure data going forward and protect against leaks.

Knowing the security footprint of their main competitors was also important because it allows them to benchmark their supply chain security efforts. The company had no idea of how to evaluate the security postures of their competitors, and therefore, couldn't determine if further investment was needed to improve their security efforts.

The Solution

Along with his Chief Security Officer, the CIO uses UpGuard at least once a day to identify vendor security gaps and work to refine them. Whether at the network or endpoint level, they can pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and then track the resulting improvements in their security score and rerun the domain scan to improve the score. The UpGuard platform also helps immediately identify any compromised data to protect against future data breaches.

Our customer also used UpGuard to quickly assess the security profile of new company acquisitions to determine their impact on the company’s own security posture. The CIO notes that with so many third-party vendors to manage, immediate security score feedback is instrumental in providing accurate risk assessment.

While trialing UpGuard, the CIO valued the product’s ability to collect, organize, and structure vendor security data concisely, capabilities that would save significant amounts of time and effort in the long run.

The Result

Since signing up to UpGuard, our customer has secured its vendor onboarding process and achieved an industry-leading security posture. The company has attained a security score classification of A, while most of its competitors achieved a B at best. And almost immediately, UpGuard was able to scan the web for passwords that were compromised and secure the related accounts as necessary.

UpGuard’s vendor risk management features don’t just benefit our customer, even their customers have noticed improved stability and security in system processes. This improved customer experience, coupled with reduced vendor onboarding times and an industry-leading security posture, has elevated the company well above all of its competitors.

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Global Logistics Enterprise

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