Unit Trust of Samoa
Unit Trust of Samoa

Unit Trust of Samoa

Combining security ratings and automating third-party risk monitoring helps UTOS focus on what matters, investing.
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Unit Trust of Samoa
Vendors continuously monitored by the UpGuard platform
Unique vectors continuously monitored for data leaks and exploits
Digital assets continuously monitored
UTOS is an investment vehicle for local and overseas based Samoans and Samoan businesses UpGuard helps benchmark and continuously improve their own cybersecurity performance, as well as assess and remediate third-party risk.

About Unit Trust of Samoa

The Unit Trust of Samoa (UTOS) is an initiative of the Government of Samoa whose goal is to provide an investment vehicle for local and overseas-based Samoans and Samoan businesses.

The trust is an opportunity for small investors to access a range of investment options while spreading risk and leaving the management of their savings in the hands of experts.

The challenge

Samoans are quickly embracing the advantages of the Internet for their economy and quality of life. However, while they enjoy its benefits, they also recognize that it can introduce significant cybersecurity risk.

This led the Samoan government to develop the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2016-2021 to develop Samoa’s cybersecurity. The strategy aimed to help organizations become responsive to cybersecurity issues and to establish a working relationship with government, trade associations, and other business partners to tackle cyber threats.

As Samoa’s leading fund manager, UTOS wanted to ensure they had adequate cyber hygiene practices to keep their investors personally identifiable information safe and secure. This includes information assets managed by related or third-parties.

The solution

UTOS uses the UpGuard platform to:

  • Continuously monitor third-parties service providers and vendors: UpGuard Vendor Risk provides UTOS with up-to-date third and fourth-party security ratings and monitoring capabilities.
  • Increase rigor in vendor procurement and assessment: Beyond security ratings, UpGuard Vendor Risk’s security questionnaire library provides UTOS with the tools they need to assess not only the external security posture of current and potential vendors but also internal security controls by using security questionnaires.
  • An understanding of their own external security posture: UpGuard BreachSight provides continuous monitoring and first-party security ratings for UTOS, giving them a clear understanding of their own external security posture.
Our complicated environment requires attention to detail when reviewing security risks. We have many cloud-first vendors so the UpGuard platform allows us to be granular and gives us an interesting layered insight on our supply chain that could have a critical impact on our operation. As a telecommunications company providing mission-critical services, this insight is vital.
Unit Trust of Samoa
James Ah Wai

IT Manager

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