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UpGuard Launches New AI Tool, Taking the Next Step Towards AI-Powered Vendor Risk Management

UpGuard, the third-party risk and attack surface management platform, today announces AI Autofill, a major update to their AI Toolkit. The release of the AI Autofill feature forms part of the company’s broader strategy to deliver timesaving features to customers through the responsible use of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM). 

Based on three core pillars, UpGuard’s strategic adoption of AI aims to:

  • Reduce manual ‘low value’ tasks by focusing on features and streamlining existing processes to save time.
  • Work to AI’s strengths by solving problems that play to our limitations as humans.
  • Keep the user in the driver’s seat by providing transparency so that they can understand what’s happening and make a conscious choice.

To ensure their responsible approach to AI, UpGuard has implemented guardrails to facilitate secure usage of OpenAI, including regular risk assessments, an opt-in model, and internal training.

“Our commitment to AI capabilities in all forms has reached a point where we expect heavy investment over the next several years,” said Mike Baukes, CEO at UpGuard.

“We intend to lead the pack across a market where all solutions will have several AI-assisted capabilities.”

The AI Autofill feature allows UpGuard customers to boost security questionnaire completion rates by reducing the time it takes vendors to fill in questionnaire responses. It enables vendors to auto-populate security questionnaires from a repository of their past answers to encourage faster response rates and more accurate information.

The AI Autofill feature is now available to vendors of UpGuard users who are on the Starter plan and above and send questionnaires using the platform.

For more information on the AI Autofill feature, read the product information page:

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UpGuard helps businesses manage cybersecurity risk. UpGuard's integrated risk platform combines third-party risk management, security questionnaires, and threat intelligence capabilities to give businesses a full and comprehensive view of their attack surface.

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