Abi Tyas Tunggal
Cybersecurity Writer

Abi Tyas Tunggal

Abi is a cybersecurity expert who has contributed multiple educational resources to the UpGuard blog. 

During his tenure, Abi managed the design and development of more than 30 of UpGuard’s features including our questionnaire builder, role-based access control, vendor shared profiles, vendor tiering, and vendor comparison tool. 

UpGuard's cybersecurity research has been featured in New York TimesBloombergWashington PostForbes, Engadget and Techcrunch.



Abi’s passion for cybersecurity, technology, and marketing fuels his pursuit of challenging roles in each of these industries.

The expertise cultivated from this experience, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to co-found Himalayas - a platform connecting job seekers with remote working opportunities - with a specific focus on protecting user security.


Some of Abi’s key achievements in cybersecurity, technology, and marketing are summarized below:

  • The first employee at Spaceship - Spaceship is a financial services technology company regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Abi helped scale the business from 3 people, $0 AUM and no customers, to over 40 people, $200m+ in AUM, and more than 45,000 customers.
  • Content writer and product manager at UpGuard - Abi produced a series of educational cybersecurity resources for the UpGuard blog. His expertise in explaining complex cybersecurity concepts is evidenced by the blog’s explosive growth and multiple references from authoritative publications.
  • Co-founded Himalayas - Himalayas is a proprietary platform for finding remote work with an obsessive focus on preserving user security.

Quote from Abi Tyas Tunggal

“Every digital solution is a potential attack vector.”

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