Kyle Chin
Cybersecurity Writer

Kyle Chin

Kyle Chin is a cybersecurity writer at UpGuard.

UpGuard's cybersecurity research has been featured in New York Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Forbes, Engadget, and Techcrunch.


General cybersecurity topics, cyber threats, ransomware, attack surface management, third-party risk management, supply-chain data breach analysis.


Kyle’s passion for technology and its preservation through cybersecurity strategies has fueled a self-directed learning journey that continues to this day. Kyle’s cybersecurity writing experience has beens shaped by many hours of dedicated research across multiple disciplines.

Summary of Cybersecurity Authority

  • Authored multiple articles across a wide range of cybersecurity topics
  • Edited a wide range of cybersecurity articles written by industry professionals
  • Produced multiple cybersecurity case studies showcasing information security in the finance, technology and healthcare industries.


Kyle earned his A.A., Economics at Sierra College, and his B.A., Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Quote from Kyle Chin

“Cybersecurity should be a habit, not just a best practice.”

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